Primp Office Inspiration 2012

So Primpers! It’s a new year which means new resolutions and lots of changes! I will be posting WAY more on the blog sharing the things happening in the office along with things that I am just obsessed with and can’t help but share with you all! Primp is going is such an AMAZING direction and I can’t wait to share every detail of it with you all. I thought since its a new year it was the perfect opportunity to redecorate our office and give it a much needed makeover! As you know Primp is finally on Pinterest and as I was searching through the tons of amazing pictures, I came across a few office pictures that were just the  inspiration I needed to spruce up our office! I can’t wait to go shopping and find amazing stuff!  Which picture is your favorite, I couldn’t narrow it down!!

This is a picture of the Teen Vogue offices! I can only imagine how hard it must be to walk in there everyday! hehe

At Primp we have our walls filled with inspiration pictures and items that help our designer create the amazing pieces she creates! This is a perfect example of what our office should look like!

We are wanting to have an accent wall and this example is PERFECT! We are so excited to start redecorating!

This is the ideal office in my opinion!!

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Stay tuned for more blog posts! I am SO glad to be back and in full force!! :)

xoxo A

Meet our AMAZING Primp Fans!

I know I have been absent from the Primp blog, but I am back and I thought it was a perfect time for us to share some amazing fan photos. Our Primpers are some AMAZING fans and are so supportive of Primp! As you may or may not know, our current animals are retiring as of January 1st so I thought I would get our fans involved and show a collage of our fans wearing Primp! We will miss the current animals but are SO excited for the new ones to come!

Here I am wearing our Zebra Print Thermal in Hot Pink

Sally is wearing our Scoop Neck Giraffe Tee

Tina is wearing our Scoop Neck Horse Tee she won through our Commercial Contest!

Nicole is wearing our Anchor Print Cropped Boxy Tee

Marisa (whom is also my little sister!) is wearing our burnout tee that was exclusive to Nordstrom stores!

Teegan is sporting the Polka Dot Cropped Hoodiethat she won in our silly photo contest!

Thank you to all our amazing Primpers for submitting their pictures! remember all of the prints you see above will be retiring as of January 1st, so get em before they are gone for good!!

xoxo A

Primp Clothing

Primp announces new line soon to be released, Wow The board of Primp clothing decides to enforce all pirated styles and knock’s offs. The company hires new law firm to enforce all offenders.


Wow just wait for the new design’s so Hot!!!!!!!

Primp Goofy Picture Contest

Okay Primpers! I know everyone LOVEs free stuff, I mean who couldn’t!? This week on our Facebook page, we are holding a super fun contest! All you have to do is upload a goofy picture of yourself to the Primp Facebook Page and whomever has the goofiest picture will win a free hoodie! (Everyone in the office will make a joint decision on who’s picture is the funniest!) The contest goes through Saturday Sepetember 24th at 6 pm Pacific Time! I thought I would share a goofy picture of myself to get you all motivated! So start posting your goofy pictures now!

xoxo A

NEON, neon, NEON

I am so excited to finally start blogging! I am quite the blogger myself as I just celebrated the 2nd birthday of my blog, Stylelista Confessions! I can’t wait to start blogging regularly and keeping up to date with all my favorite Primpers! I thought a perfect first blog would be dedicated to my favorite trends at New York Fashion Week Spring 2012. If you are a fashion ADDICT like me, you have been catching every show and all the recaps and probably have come to the conclusion that the overwhelming trend at all the collections this year was NEON! I personally am a lover of ALL THINGS neon, I probably own multiple neon shirts and I am OBSESSED with the neon colored jean trend for fall. Of course, us here at Primp, are on top of that trend and already have multiple shirts available in neon colors. (I have been nagging the designers to add more colors so stay tuned!) I love sharing my favorite looks from the shows so I picked a few of my favorites that showcase the neon trend, along with some PERFECT options of neons you can get from Primp!

1. Nanette Lepore
2. Tibi
3. Rodarte
4. Alice + Olivia

1.Yellow Zebra Print Thermal
2. Pink Zebra Print Thermal
3. Anchor Print Cropped Boxy Tee
4.Peacock Feather Zip Hoodie

Have a LOVELY Thursday Primpers!
xoxo Alex

I Got Eyes for Primp <3



Insert your face here : )

Both the Zebra Print Racerback Tank and Anchor Print Cropped Boxy Tee proved to be excellent in comfortability, breathability and durability  during my long camping trip to Yosemite National Park and several campgrounds that I went to in Nevada with my family. I primped my Primp tank and tee with style. And I’m happy to say, of course, that my Primp is absolutely comfy. Wells knows quality and style.

I love the Anchor Print Cropped Boxy Tee especially, which I wore with everything: ripped jean shorts, long and short skirts and jeans. I also slept in it, ZZZzzzz, because it’s so comfortably delicious. My 14 year old sister even wore it; plus she wanted to steal it from me ; ) I’ll get her one for her birthday, which is in November. In addition, I went hiking in the Zebra Print Racerback Tank with black shorts, and I also wore is with a jean skirt. You can wear the tank tucked in, tied, with skinny jeans, leggings, or a skirt. Or you can wear it how it expresses the fun free-spirited you, for any Primp style.

I’ll post sketches for the Spring collection in the next post, so stay tuned.

<3 Primp


“The zebra’s gifts include seeing in black and white, clarity without filters, balance, agility, uniqueness, power, sureness of path, keeping up individuality within the herd” (Zebra, Power Animal, Symbol of Individuality, Balance).
No one zebra is the same. Every zebra has it’s own genetic print that varies in pattern that is turly unique and beautiful. If you don’t know, the zebra is part of the horse family. Thus, zebras weigh around 440 to 990 lbs (200 to 450 kg), and has a body range of 6 feet long. And it has a life span of 25 years. For more information regarding the nature of zebras go visit National Geographic.

Buy Zebra Print Thermal Top.

-100% cotton

-Machine wash in cold water with like colors, no bleach, tumble dry low

-Made in the USA

Primp Totes in Different Prints

1. Anchor Ashore

  • Anchor woven print.
  • In blue and pink anchors.
  • Durable straps with heart studs.
  • Durable light gray fabric material.
  • High quality gold heart shape logo with Primp logo.
  • Dark blue lining with blue stitch, and pink lining with pink stitch.
  • Two sided pocket.
  • Primp logo embellishment.
  • Rhinestones.

2. Turtle

  • Woven turtle with heart shape shell print.
  • Durable straps with heart studs.
  • Durable blue fabric material.
  • High quality gold heart shape logo with Primp logo.
  • Dark blue nylon lining with blue stitch.
  • Two sided pocket.
  • Primp logo embellishment.
  • Rhinestones.

3. Sheep-Baa Baa

  • Sheep woven print.
  • Durable straps with heart studs.
  • Durable light gray fabric material.
  • High quality gold heart shape logo with Primp logo.
  • Pink nylon lining with pink stitch.
  • Two sided pocket.
  • Primp logo embellishment.
  • Rhinestones.

The Primp tote bag comes in different prints that is both stylish and functional. And it’s long lasting and of good quality. The tote bags are samples for production. We want to know from you Primpers which one of these prints do you LOVE the most.

♥ Primp

Quetzal Bird (About the friendship bracelets)

Wingspan of at least 10 feet

You might be wondering what do the symbols represent on the friendship bracelets. The friendship bracelets have different abstract symbols that portray mountains, pyramids and birds. But the main focus of the bracelets is the quetzal bird. The quetzal bird is an exotic beauty of nature that transcends both light and life. The quetzal bird is filled with an array of rich colors that makes it the perfect bird to represent Primp. The quetzal bird is colorful just like Primp that Wells loves so much.

Length 14 – 25 Inches
Male quetzal

♥ Primp